Health Information Partners -- Epic Program

BJC HealthCare and the Washington University Faculty Practice Plan have selected Epic as the single, integrated electronic medical record system for BJC hospitals, Washington University Physicians and BJC Medical Group.

For the first time, the process has brought together clinicians, administrators and staff from all entities to work toward choosing one electronic medical record. Since its selection in December 2014, a team of over 200 staff was put together, 15 days of design sessions were held that included 1,254 stakeholders and 1,076 decisions were made as part of the design phase.

Epic is an integrated electronic health record system that incorporates clinical documentation from all areas of patient care into a single database. With Epic, we have the opportunity to enhance the overall experience of our patients, our clinicians, and support staff, striving to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. It will allow for better integration and sharing of information across clinicians and across locations.

We will have a more comprehensive view of a patient’s health history before an encounter even begins. With the automated flow of information through the Epic modules, we will have the relevant and real-time data needed to make informed decisions throughout a patient’s visit. Patients’ online access to their medical history will assist in facilitating a partnership between physicians and patients as they coordinate high-quality treatments during and outside of their visits. Finally, we will reduce the number of clinical applications needed to care for patients to a level seemingly idealistic just years ago.