Epic Team Steps up to the Plate

October 12, 2015 - Some of BJC’s and Washington University’s MVPs convened in mid-September at Busch Stadium for the next step in the Epic Program — design sessions.

Participants raise green foam fingers to show approval for one of the 488 decisions reviewed at the event.

For three days the teams worked on their game plans as they reviewed proposed workflows with the 736 attendees. The workflows were demonstrated, and participants had the opportunity to sign off on key decision points by holding up a green foam finger to recommend the proposed workflow or by holding up a red foam finger to raise a concern. This enabled the participants to move quickly through decisions.

Design sessions were held for operations team members and subject matter experts (SMEs) in corporate suites and public areas at the stadium. Operations team members represent their specialty and are expected to communicate with their colleagues regularly and solicit feedback regarding decisions being made during the implementation of Epic.

Of the 488 decisions reviewed at the meetings, three-quarters were approved and one-quarter will require follow up.

The venue really took the meetings up a notch,” says Michael Kriemelman, Epic ambulatory clinical team director. “It added an element of fun to have them at Busch Stadium.”

Any issues voted “red” will be revisited at re-engineering sessions to be held later this year.