Epic to form Site Engagement Teams Across BJC

May 2, 2016 - It takes a team of many individuals to implement a program as large as Epic. As BJC moves closer to “go-live” at each site, the Epic team will engage and empower site leaders by forming Site Engagement Teams. Their roles will be to evaluate site readiness and ensure the site is actively prepared for the launch of the new electronic health record.

The teams will ensure the system is built in a way to effectively reflect the clinical and operational needs of the health care community. 

Each site will have a Site Sponsor and an Epic Liaison. The Site Sponsor at each site is an advocate for the Epic Program whose role is to champion efforts and demonstrate visible and strong support for the site as it adopts the new system. The Epic Liaison is a leader, chosen by the chief nursing officer, who is the point person for activity coordination among the Epic teams. This role is essential to keep the Epic program on time and on budget. 

Each team will also have Epic Site Engagement Team leaders, members and super users.

To see more about the structure and roles, click here, or visit the Site Engagement page on the Epic Program website, http://epic.wusm.wustl.edu.