Making BJC Better Through One Clinical Solution

Kickoff for multi-year project held February 27

March 5, 2014 - Within BJC HealthCare, four different electronic medical records systems handle patient information – Allscripts (COMPASS) for Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Allscripts (KiDDOS) for St. Louis Children’s Hospital, McKesson (ECHOES) for the community hospitals and NextGen for BJC Medical Group.

Today, a clinician may have to go to multiple different locations to look up information on a patient.  To increase ease of use, timeliness and accuracy, a multi-year initiative called “Core Clinical Solutions” was launched February 27 to about 80 individuals from across BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine. This group will serve as an advisory committee to choose and eventually implement one clinical system within BJC HealthCare.

“Our goal with this project is to provide a fully integrated clinical environment that will enhance clinical quality, improve the satisfaction of patients and clinicians, and improve efficiencies of operations across BJC,” says Cherodeep Goswami, project lead.

“By starting at this time, we have the added advantage that other hospital systems across the country have gone through this process before us,” Steve Lipstein, BJC president & CEO, told the audience. “We can use their experience to find out what went well and what didn’t, so we can arrive at the best solution.”

Lipstein also noted the importance of comprehensive input in the decision making process from a broad base of clinicians.  He shared with the advisory committee that this is not an IT solution, but a clinical solution and that their participation will help ensure a better decision.

To help with that decision, a series of individual interviews and a broader survey will collect what individuals like about the program they currently use, what doesn’t work, and what enhancements they would like to see for the future.

“In the end, clinicians will be able to pull up a patient’s information no matter where they are across BJC,” says Goswami “For example, patient A might see her BJC Medical Group physician for a routine checkup, and her doctor could see that she recently went to the emergency department at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and in the past was treated at Christian Hospital. It will help clinicians get a clearer picture of her health history.”

“This will allow us to be innovative and help with care coordination beyond the four walls of the hospital,” says Rich Liekweg, group president, BJC HealthCare and president, Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Liekweg, along with David Weiss, BJC senior vice president and chief information officer, provide the executive leadership for the project. Deloitte Consulting has been hired to help guide the project.