Validation Works Toward One Core EMR

June 9, 2014 - May 22 was “Validation Day” in the process to find one core clinical documentation system (EMR). According to the dictionary, “validation” also means “confirmation,” “corroboration,” “documentation” and “proof.” 

Those words all describe the activities held throughout the meeting at the BJC Learning Institute. More than 200 clinicians and staff from across BJC came together to provide input in the process to identify an integrated system that clinicians can use at the point of care. Attendees also received a report on previous input gathered through both individual and group interviews and an electronic survey that touched more than 3,000 employees. 

The bulk of the day consisted of attendees participating in up to three 90-minute sessions to develop scenarios for vendors to follow when they come on site for product demonstrations later this year. Groups followed clinical, technical and support, and interoperability and informatics tracks for their meetings. 

“You will look back someday and see you were part of writing a new chapter in BJC,” Cherodeep Goswami, project lead, told the participants. “We are working together as one enterprise. We are thinking as one group.” 

The EMR project was launched in January to find a system that will provide enhanced access to patient information, while supporting improved quality and safety. The goal is to select a vendor by the end of 2014.