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Elements of the Health Literacy Program include:

  • Premium medical discount for qualified employees
  • Employee Health Fairs
  • Community partnerships with the St. Louis Cardinals for the Health Hall of Fame, Gold's Gym, Dynamic Vending, The Face & The Body Day Spa, Weight Watchers, YMCA, Morrison Food Service, New Balance St. Louis, Subway, Schnucks Markets, the Jewish Community Center, the Saint Louis Science Center, Trek Bikes, TrailNet, St. Louis Blues, Curves, The Center of Clayton Recreation Center, 24 Hour Fitness Push Pedal Pull and the Farmington Civic Center
  • Health promotion programs through WellAware

Check your disease risk for:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease

The Health Literacy Advisory Committee meets monthly and comprises employees from throughout BJC HealthCare:

Marci Allen 314.996.3745  BJC Community Health Literacy
Karen Arensmann 618.463.7368 Alton Memorial Hospital
Patrick Donovan 314.286.0063 BJC HealthCare
Amy Eyler 314.362.9642 Washington University
Lindsay Cohen 636.916.9436 Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
Marsha Flowers  314.454.4249 St. Louis Children's Hospital
June Fowler 314.286.2114  BJC HealthCare 
Nancy Gemeinhart 314.286.0480 BJC Occupational Health
Sheri Graham 573.760.8175 Parkland Health Center
Roxane Harbaugh 314.996-8731 Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
Beth Vargas Hughes 314.286.0659 BJC HealthCare
Rusty Ingram 618.463.7305 Alton Memorial Hospital
Theresa Jackson  314.707.2794  Morrison
Patty Johnson  314.273.0881 BJC Today
Elizabeth Kalicak 314.286.0713 Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Christine Kelso 314.362-4812  Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Kimberly Kitson 314.286.2047 BJC HealthCare
Jeremy Koerber 314.286.0523 BJC WellAware Center
Nicole Kozma 314.286.0969 St. Louis Children's Hospital
Sarah Lovegreen 314.862.4765 x25 OASIS Institute
Sheryl McClary 314.653.5193 Christian Hospital
Deanna Miller 314.996.5108  Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Jacob Pollard 573.760.8301 Parkland Health Center
Kathleen Reed 573.860.1608 Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
Aaron Reinberg 314.387.0408 Morrison
Donna Schott  314.996.3743 BJC Community Health Literacy
Joe Schuster 314.362.0322 BJC HealthCare
Dr. Sherry Shuman 314.454.5595 BJC Medical Group
Karen Stewart 314.286.2152 BJC HealthCare
Rachel Tabak 314.362.9653 Washington University
Nancy Toivonen 314.996.3742 BJC Community Health Literacy
Karen Vaughn 314.653.5902 Christian Hospital NE/NW
Duane Wesche, RPh  314.996.5127  Missouri Baptist Medical Center
LeAnne Westoff 314.996.7640 BJC Medical Group
Diana Wilhold 314.286.0431 BJC School Outreach
Cathy Williams 314.653.5908 BJC Employee Assistance Program
Ibby Woodsmall 314.996.3739 BJC Community Health Literacy
Jeff Zimmermann 573.815.3263 Boone Hospital Center
Diane Zych 314.996.3738
BJC Community Health Literacy

Why Health Literacy

People who work in health care know how to provide superior care to others, but sometimes don't take the time to care for themselves. We may become so involved in our work as health care professionals that we don't remember we need to do the same things as everyone else to maintain our own health.

As an organization committed to health care excellence -- for our patients as well as for our employees -- BJC has become more focused on health literacy.

Health literacy means both knowing how to foster health and prevent disease, and taking the appropriate actions to do so. Steps such as eating nutritious foods; not smoking; maintaining a healthy weight; exercising regularly; monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels; managing stress; and undergoing needed diagnostic screening tests can make tremendous differences in the quality and length of our lives. In fact, the Institute of Medicine has identified health literacy as one of the nation's top priorities in health care.

Today, we have the tools and information to take responsibility for our own health and serve as our own primary caregivers. But that doesn't mean we need to go it alone. Getting the support of your family, friends and co-workers is key to making successful lifestyle changes. And, BJC will be there to help.

Health Literacy @ BJC

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