Bike to Work with Trailnet
Learn about the benefits of commuter and recreational cycling through Trailnet, a nonprofit organization that fosters healthy and active communities through innovative programs that promote bicycling and walking.

Trailnet celebrated National Bike to Work Day May 16, 2014, by offering a free continental breakfast for bike commuters at refueling stations around St. Louis.

Trailnet offers BJC employees the chance to learn more about cycling and cycling safety through its TravelGreen program. 

Where there is employee interest, Trailnet will provide educational material on topics including:

  • Health benefits and ease of bike commuting
  • Sharing the road
  • Basic cycling safety
  • Confident cycling
  • Basic bicycle maintenance
  • Routing resources
  • Smart equipment choices

Bike to Work Day May 18, 2012 -- 60 Bicyclists Visit St. Louis Children’s Hospital's Refueling Station
To encourage staff to ride their bikes to work or for recreation, St. Louis Children's Hospital staged the station at the bike racks across from the Hospital.

Riders stopped by for healthy snacks, giveaways and drawings. 

“Bicycling is a great way to stay fit, save money on gas and help the environment,” says Tammy Graves, child health advocacy and outreach, who chairs the hospital’s “Help for Your Health” committee. “We’re promoting that we have on-site shower and bike storage facilities for our staff who ride in.” 

Bike to Work Day May 20, 2011 -- 30 Bicyclists Visit St. Louis Children’s Hospital's Refueling Station
To encourage staff to ride their bikes to work or for recreation, St. Louis Children's Hospital staged the station at the bike racks across from the Hospital.

“Bicycling is a great way to save the environment, save money on gas and stay fit,” says Jacqueline Bernstein, human resources, refueling station volunteer. “We’re also promoting the fact that we have on-site shower facilities for bike riders.”

The refueling station for riders included nutritious snacks, water, coupons from local vendors and bicycling information. Drawings were held every half hour for St. Louis Children's Hospital and Pedal the Cause (October 2, 2011, downtown St. Louis -- a bike challenge benefiting cancer research at the Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, as well as St. Louis Children’s Hospital) bicycling jerseys, REI gift cards and bicycle repair kits. 

Registered dietitians were on hand to answer nutritional questions, and occupational health nurses addressed any first-aid needs or health concerns. Representatives from Pedal the Cause and Trailnet were also on hand. 

Be Smart and Safe When You Cycle
Trailnet's TravelGreen program provides these tips for cyclists and drivers to keep commuter and recreational cycling safer for all.
Use your head -- wear a helmet; the first rule of bike commuting is always wear a helmet; like clicking a seatbelt, the click of a helmet will reduce chances of head injury by 85 percent

Use hand signals -- use hand signals before switching lanes or turning through intersections; extend your arm straight out at 90 degrees for a minimum of five seconds before you turn to signal your plans to maneuver

Be a shady character -- wear sunglasses when you ride, even if it's not sunny, to protect your eyes from debris; eye injuries can cause you to fall or lose control

Shift early and often -- shift gears before hills and turns to make your riding smoother and safer

Plan your moves -- always give yourself plenty of time before making maneuvers; check behind, in front and to the side before you take action to avoid traffic, obstacles and pedestrians

Avoid the door zone -- don't ride too close to parked cars; allow at least three feet to the left of parked cars and beware of doors being opened unexpectedly

Be prepared -- inspect your bike for damage before every ride; pump up your tires the night before, so you'll know if you have a slow leak; always carry a spare tube, tire levers and a pump in case you get a flat; replenish supplies after a flat

Take the road less traveled -- plan your route ahead of time and avoid busy streets when possible

My other car is a bicycle -- the best and safest option while riding is to regard yourself as a car; don't do anything on a bike you wouldn't do in a car

Share the road -- bikes and cars can share the road safely; bikes are considered vehicles and have the right to be on the road; sidewalk riding is rare and often prohibited; cyclists must obey speed limits and all other rules of the road 

  • When driving, be aware of cyclists and treat them like other motorists
  • When passing a cyclist, allow plenty of space and scan the road ahead for areas that could cause the cyclist to react such as a pothole or pedestrian
  • Be patient and considerate; cars weigh more than a ton, while cyclists and their bikes might weigh a few hundred pounds; honking or shouting creates an unsafe situation

Bike to Work Day May 21, 2010 -- BJC Employees Participate
Cyclists from across the St. Louis metro area turned out in force for National Bike to Work Day May 21, 2011. Employees across BJC also participated in the day’s festivities. 

Among them was April Nesin, PhD, St. Louis Children’s Hospital psychologist. This was Nesin’s second year participating in Bike to Work Day. 

“I think the event is fantastic,” says Nesin. “I love biking to work, and Bike to Work Day is an opportunity to share that with others who may not have had that experience -- and to hopefully get others excited about biking.”

Tammy Staten, St. Louis Children's Hospital Child Health Advocacy and Outreach supervisor, recruited fellow employees to ride from the refueling station at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park to St. Louis Children's Hospital.

“Biking to work can be challenging and definitely takes some planning, but it is well worth the effort,” says Staten. “I would like to encourage everyone to do it at least once. You might get hooked -- like I did.”

The History Museum was one of four refueling stations that was available to bike commuters 6:30-9 a.m. May 21, 2010. The other locations included the City of Clayton Building, Missouri Botanical Garden and Temple Emanuel.

At the refueling stations, cyclists were treated to a free continental breakfast, juice and coffee, and fellowship with other riders. In all, more than 200 cyclists stopped by the refueling stations. 

BJC Help for Your Health partnered with Trailnet for the second year to increase awareness of cycling safety and to promote commuter cycling through Trailnet’s TravelGreen program.

“BJC had a great turnout at Bike to Work Day, but the day was only a catalyst for the organization’s future in riding to work,” says Emily Luten, Trailnet. “With BJC’s potential to become a leader in St. Louis for active commuting, hopefully in the future Bike to Work Day will be no different from any other day.”

Bike to Work Day May 15, 2009 -- BJC Employees Join Activities 
Whether using pedal power or learning more about commuter cycling in select cafes, BJC employees joined in the region’s annual Bike to Work Day activities

 Bike to Work Day capped the BJC Help for Your Health partnership with Trailnet to help employees learn more about safe commuter and recreational cycling. Trailnet conducted an employee survey and provided educational sessions for pilot programs at two locations, Progress West HealthCare Center and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital complex.

To mark the day, Morrison Healthcare Food Services -- BJC’s food service provider -- staffed informational tables and offered cafeteria visitors the chance to enter a drawing for a 10-speed bike at both pilot program sites. Winners were Laura Cross, MSW, LCSW, social worker, Barnes-Jewish Hospital JH, who plans to use the bike with her husband, already an avid cyclist and Julie Elliott, a Washington University student in the rheumatology department; and Heidi Wolfe, RN, Progress West HealthCare Center Emergency Department. 

Employees who biked to work also took advantage of refueling stations throughout the area, which offered Bike to Work Day cyclists free refreshments, courtesy of Companion. 

Trailnet is a nonprofit organization that fosters healthy and active communities through innovative programs, planning and policies that promote bicycling and walking throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Learn more at the Trailnet website. The website includes an interactive regional map displaying 120 trails and bikeways throughout St. Louis City and County, St. Charles County, Madison County and St. Clair County. The section provides detailed information, including name, length, surface, terrain, county, attractions, connections, links to Google maps for driving directions to the site, contact information and a link to a detailed map.

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