Worksite Recess Videos
Remember when you couldn’t wait for recess?

You’d spring up from your desk, run and play with your friends, and head back to your classroom feeling refreshed and recharged. Why not take a recess break from work? Better yet, get your whole work group to take a “worksite recess” during a meeting. Not sure how? No worries. BJC’s Help for Your Health employee wellness program has you covered.

by Patty Johnson, BJC Today

At the request of the BJC Help for Your Health team and with assistance from a wellness sub-team, BJC WellAware Center staff and BJC media services and communications and marketing employees developed a series of videos that are designed to get employees up and moving, stretched and relaxed, and refreshed and recharged. 

“We know from study after study that it’s simply not healthy to sit for long periods of time,” says Jeremy Koerber, BJC WellAware Center manager, who spearheaded the project. “But many employees across BJC spend their days sitting at desks, working at computers and attending meetings.

“These short videos offer a fun way for employees to take a break and do something good for both their physical and their mental health,” Koerber adds.

Several recent studies have linked sitting for long periods of time to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer.

Experts advise those who must sit for hours at a time — workers with desk jobs, for example — to stand up and walk around as often as possible.

“The key is to move more — whenever you can,” Koerber says. “And that’s what these videos are designed to encourage. The BJC Help for Your Health team wants to make it easy for employees to move.

“These videos can be viewed at your desk, in a meeting or in a breakroom,” Koerber adds. “You can do the exercises by yourself or with a group. Just get moving.”

"Not only will taking a ‘worksite recess’ break up your day and benefit your health in the long run — it also will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the rest of your workday,” Koerber says.

So, the next time you’re headed for a caffeine or sugar pick-me-up, remember your inner child and head to recess, instead. 

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