Weight Loss
BJC's partnership with Weight Watchers began in April 2004 offering BJC employees three options to meet the demands of any lifestyle. In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Weight Watchers offers these options through its Corporate Solutions program:

Contact Diane Zych, 314.996.3738 -- Get at least 15 people together to meet weekly with a Weight Watchers leader on-site at a time convenient for the group. Use co-worker support to help meet your goals and encourage others. The sessions run 13 weeks. Cost: $156 for the 13-week class.

If at least 20 people are interested in a Weight Watchers class, you can get a 17-week session for $186 per person.
Current Weight Watchers at-work meetings for BJC employees are:

Center For Outpatient Health
Room 803
12:15 p.m. Thursdays, contact Theresa Sieber, 314.454.7560 
Leader: Carla Scissors-Cohen

Washington University Genome Center
5th floor, Room 5206
10 a.m. Thursdays, contact Judy Martin Finch, 314.750.4213
Leader: Bonnie McCarty 

Washington University Medical Center 
Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. 
Clinical Science Research Building, Room 101, contact Ericka Hayes, 314.286.1617
Leader: Bonnie McCarty 
 Local Meeting Voucher -- 800.710.4663 -- Call Diane Zych, 314.996.3738 to receive discount information. If you prefer a neighborhood Weight Watchers group, you can get a voucher for a discount from normal weekly fees. 
Online Subscription 800.710.4663 -- Call Diane Zych, 314.996.3738 to receive discount information. Weight Watchers online provides instant, around-the-clock access and is ideal for those who can't attend weekly meetings or who work nontraditional hours. The subscription offers online food journals, automatic point calculations, progress charts, meal planners, a recipe library and a weekly motivational newsletter. Take a tour.

The Weight Watchers 360° Program: Introducing Our Latest Innovation
The new Weight Watchers 360° -- a holistic approach to surround our members with tools, support, motivation, and guidance in an effort to maximize engagement in the weight-loss process. 

We’ve combined the proven PointsPlus Program with the latest advancements in behavioral science to teach members how to build healthy habits that can become second nature, and to set up their environments to help them lose weight successfully and learn to keep it off.
Weight Watchers 360° builds on the Tracking behavior and adds more emphasis to managing Spaces (environments and situations) and developing specific Routines that can become new healthy habits that stick.

Members can get the tools and help they need -- when, where and how they want it, with individual attention, group support and access to the best digital tools.

 Weight Watchers eTools gives you access to digital tools and apps between meetings. The apps for iPhone, Android, and tablets have been completely re-designed to provide better information, motivation and tools to ensure members are never on their own in their weight-loss journey.
Weight Watchers Members Benefit from Proven Success
"The time-tested Weight Watchers approach is an integrated program that emphasizes good eating choices, healthy habits, a supportive environment and exercise," says Diane Zych, RD, LD, CDE, BJC community health coordinator. "You eat what you like -- with an emphasis on nutrition -- using flexible food plans that can adapt to any lifestyle or unique needs."
With Weight Watchers, you can learn:

  • To make smarter eating choices and stay satisfied longer with filling foods
  • The benefits of tracking what you eat and drink to learn portion sizes and be in better control
  • To avoid emotional eating by listening to your body’s hunger signals and deciding if you’re really hungry

The Weight Watchers Program:

  • Combines the latest in scientific research with successful aspects of previous Weight Watchers food plans
  • Teaches a more satisfying way of eating by guiding people toward healthy foods that help them feel satisfied longer so that they can achieve greater weight-loss success
  • Provides strategies to avoid obstacles that can get in the way of weight-loss success, such as identifying hunger issues and determining if hunger triggers are emotional or physical
  • Offers tools and approaches for tracking/journaling; tracking what you eat is scientifically proven to be an effective tool to help weight loss; research shows that people tend to underestimate how much they eat, and tracking builds awareness, which helps reduce mindless eating
  • Helps members learn to use their bodies’ signals to recognize satisfaction so that they know when to stop eating

Filling foods are:

  • Scientifically proven to help keep one feeling satisfied longer and are a central component of the Weight Watchers Momentum Program
  • Low in calories, but contain more water, air or fiber per serving, relative to the food’s weight -- so they’re low in energy density; many are also high in protein
  • Encouraged to keep hunger at bay
  • Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes and grains
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Whole-grain cereals -- without added sugar, nuts or dried fruit
  • Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and meat substitutes such as tofu
  • Fat-free milk and milk products
  • Soups made with filling foods

People who attend Weight Watchers meetings lose three times more weight than those who try to do it on their own. Regular meeting attendance with Weight Watchers was significantly correlated with both weight loss and weight-loss maintenance. Weight Watchers members focusing on either low-energy density or portion control both show comparable significant decreases in caloric intake along with significant improvements in body mass index and waist circumference.

BJC employees participating in Weight Watchers groups lost:
2009 -- 2,037 pounds
2010 -- 2,301 pounds
2011 -- 6,342 pounds
2012 -- 2,892 pounds

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