Tobacco Cessation: Who Said Winners Never Quit?
BJC offers nation’s leading tobacco-cessation program to employees, spouses/same-gender domestic partners, and dependents 18 and older.

In 2014, BJC continues to help current employees to quit using tobacco products by offering Quit For Life, the nation’s leading tobacco-cessation program that has successfully improved the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of program participants.

Quit For Life is available at no cost to BJC employees and their dependents if they are enrolled in a BJC medical plan. Only the completion of the Quit For Life tobacco-cessation program will fulfill the 2015 annual benefits enrollment requirement for tobacco-using employees and spouses/same-gender domestic partners who want to avoid an additional contribution to their 2015 medical coverage.

BJC employees and dependents who are not enrolled in a BJC medical plan and want to take advantage of Quit For Life services, only have to pay tax on the value of the program. 

If you have been thinking about quitting, think about enrolling in the Quit For Life program. Quit For Life coaches, many of whom are former tobacco users and understand your challenges, are on call to help you quit. Quit For Life includes free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch or gum), along with advice on which type, dose and duration is right for you.

For more information, visit the special just for BJC employees section of the Quit For Life website, or call Quit For Life toll-free, 866-QUIT-4-LIFE (866.784.8454).

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