Health Headlines Week of December 11, 2017

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Missouri task force to consider improvements in behavioral health network, 12/13/17

Flu season hitting region, state harder than usual The Joplin Globe, 12/13/17 

Missouri ranks second-worst state for preventing tobacco use in young people, 12/13/17  

Members of Missouri Medicaid panel see more cuts coming, 12/13/17 

Missouri House Republican tries fourth time with bill Kansas signed into law this year, 12/12/17 

Missouri and other states face potentially costly dilemma over treating inmates with Hep C, 12/13/17

Solutions hard to find as opioid epidemic keeps hitting St. Louis hard St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/12/17 

Missouri House committee looks for waiver from Obamacare while Congress makes moves, 12/11/17

Fewer nursing home patients are hospitalized with MU program, 12/11/17 

New health care is now available in Springfield, 12/11/17 

Editorial: Deficits for millionaires? No problem. But for sick kids, it's pay as you go. 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/10/17 

Missouri's version of long-awaited prescription monitoring program is up and running
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/9/17 

Seniors, advocates warily watch tax cut debate 
Fulton Sun, 12/10/17 

Hospital giants in talks to merge to create nation’s largest operator 
The Wall Street Journal, 12/10/17 

Teen suicides are reaching record highs, forcing schools to ‘break the silence’
The Kansas City Star, 12/10/17 

After losing state funding, groups try to prevent infant deaths seek donations
St. Louis Public Radio, 12/11/17 

Commentary: Make critical anti-cancer treatments accessible, affordable
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/9/17 

Commentary: We need to do more than just talk about mental illness 
The Hill, 12/10/17 


Republican tax bill in final sprint across finish line The New York Times, 12/13/17 

Collins confident health subsidies will be in spending bill 
The Hill, 12/13/17 

Hospital and pharma lobbyists spar over drug-discount program before time runs out
STAT, 12/14/17 

Rural hospitals feel the squeeze as Medicare extender funding in flux 
Modern Healthcare, 12/13/17 

Facing Senate rejection, controversial pick to head EPA chemical office bows out
The Washington Post, 12/13/17 

House GOP unveils package to delay ObamaCare taxes The Hill, 12/12/17 

Dems call for Trump officials to extend ObamaCare deadline 
The Hill, 12/12/17 

DEA official says 2016 law that undermined enforcement should be changed
The Washington Post, 12/12/17 

Parents worry Congress won't fund the Children's Health Insurance Program NPR, 12/12/17 

Senate Republicans are divided over whether to pursue Medicare cuts in 2018
The Washington Post, 12/11/17 

New CDC head faces questions about financial conflicts of interest 
The Washington Post, 12/11/17 

U.S. tax revamp still incomplete as Republicans eye social program cuts Reuters, 12/8/17

Sen. Collins’ strategy to stabilize insurance market raises doubts among analysts
Kaiser Health News/NPR, 12/11/17


Telemedicine for addiction treatment? Picture remains fuzzy Kaiser Health News/NPR, 12/14/17 

In opioid fight, should states consider involuntary rehab? The Wall Street Journal, 12/13/17 

Precision medicine is rapidly advancing. Precision public health could be next
STAT, 12/13/17 

Monologue  The Washington Post, 12/12/17   

Amid Puerto Rico disaster, hospital ship admitted just 6 patients a day The New York Times, 12/6/17 

Opioids after surgery left her addicted. Is that a medical error? WBUR/Kaiser Health News, 12/11/17 

The data are in, but debate rages: Are hospital readmission penalties a good idea?
STAT, 12/11/17 

In era of increased competition, hospitals fret over ratings 
The Washington Post/Kaiser Health News, 12/11/17


Strong demand for health insurance as deadline looms
The New York Times, 12/13/17 

Why you need the flu shot every year The New York Times, 12/13/17 

Actuaries warn of premium increases from repealing ObamaCare mandate
The Hill, 12/12/17 

An Obamacare surprise in the mail: New insurers and new costs The New York Times, 12/11/17 

Some glitches seen in deadline week for ‘Obamacare’ sign-ups 
AP, 12/11/17 

Sign-up deadline is Friday, but some people may get extra time
Kaiser Health News, 12/12/17 

An Obamacare surprise in the mail: New insurers and new costs The New York Times, 12/11/17 

Some glitches seen in deadline week for ‘Obamacare’ sign-ups 
AP, 12/11/17 

Sign-up deadline is Friday, but some people may get extra time 
Kaiser Health News, 12/12/17 

Deadline week crunch for health law sign-ups under Trump AP/ABC News, 12/11/17 


Experts tell Congress how to cut drug prices Kaiser Health News, 12/12/17 

Prescription drugs may cost more with insurance than without it The New York Times/ProPublica, 12/9/17 

The other big drug problem: Older people taking too many pills The Washington Post, 12/9/17 


Obamacare is helping patients get to the doctor and pay their medical bills, new report finds Los Angeles Times, 12/13/17 

Fracking sites may raise the risk of underweight babies, new study says
The Washington Post, 12/13/17 

Marijuana and vaping are more popular than cigarettes among teenagers
The New York Times, 12/14/17 

How healthy is your state? The disparities are stark STAT, 12/12/17 

Birth control pills protect against cancer, too The New York Times, 12/11/17  

Hospitals are merging to face off with insurers Bloomberg, 12/11/17 

Could probiotics protect kids from a downside of antibiotics? NPR, 12/11/17

Shopping for healthcare online? The odds are stacked against you 
Los Angeles Times, 12/8/17


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