Health Headlines Week of July 17, 2017

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Stories of addiction highlight Springfield opioid summit Springfield News-Leader, 7/20/17

Missouri, Illinois report first cases of West Nile virus in 2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/20/17 

Local hospitals brace for heat exhaustion surge, 7/20/17 

High cost of treating epilepsy pushes couple to start foundation 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/20/17 

Senator balks at Greitens’ drug monitoring plan over campaign cash  

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/20/17 

Letter to the Editor: Routine dental care is out of reach for many Missourians
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/21/17 

As Senate wrestles with health care, McCaskill says individual mandate could be on table
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/19/17 

Greitens pushes for coordinated law enforcement effort to tackle drug problem

Southeast Missourian, 7/20/17 

Do prescription drug monitoring programs actually curb opioid abuse?
St. Louis Public Radio, 7/19/17 

Doctors seek colleagues' help to practice medicine, 7/19/17 

Mental health stigma in rural areas has unique factors, 7/19/17

Healthcare-provider groups call for bipartisan healthcare deal HealthLeaders, 7/19/17

Commentary: Blame Donald Trump for the collapse of health care reform
The Kansas City Star, 7/19/17 

Commentary: How Medicaid expansion turned into a runaway locomotive Columbia Missourian, 7/20/17 

Editorial: Greitens' drug monitoring plan falls short of the model St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/18/17

Editorial: Yet another GOP health care bill bites the dust. Good St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/18/17

Editorial: Republicans should move on from Obamacare repeal The Kansas City Star, 7/18/17

Missouri’s senators respond to GOP falling short of health care plan support, 7/18/17

To survive, rural hospitals need to grow—but the demographics don’t add up
St. Louis Public Radio, 7/19/17

Missouri urged to create database of prescriptions for controlled substances
The Wall Street Journal, 7/18/17

Debate over painkiller abuse monitoring isn't over in Missouri, key lawmakers say
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/19/17

Officials worry Greitens' drug program may not mesh with current efforts
Columbia Missourian, 7/18/17

Freeman provides support to those with healthcare policy concerns, 7/18/17

Editorial: Gov. Eric Greitens orders needed drug monitoring program but stumbles on the details The Kansas City Star, 7/17/17

Editorial: Cigarette tax increase needed in Missouri 
The Joplin Globe, 7/18/17 

Gov. Greitens signs executive order to establish drug monitoring program, 7/17/17

BCRA's proposed Medicaid cuts stand at the 'intersection of value and values'
HealthLeaders, 7/17/17 
Much at stake for patients, hospitals The Examiner, 7/18/17 

Hospitals embrace robotic surgery, despite cost questions The Kansas City Star, 7/17/17 

Local hospitals start to see impact of nursing shortage, 7/17/17 

SSM, Missouri Care reach agreement  St. Louis Business Journal, 7/18/17 

Hospital district eyed in Callaway Jefferson City News Tribune, 7/18/17 

Letter to the Editor: Missouri offers help with ER issues, policies St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/18/17 

Editorial: Senators should walk away from proposed health bill, toward compromise  Springfield News-Leader, 7/15/17

Editorial: We need nurses The Joplin Globe, 7/16/17

High number of opioid prescriptions - county among highest in nation Washington Missourian, 7/15/17

Report: Workforce vacancies in nursing reach record high in Missouri The Joplin Globe

Springfield campus expands to meet growing demand in health care field

Price sensitive? Health plans with no out-of-network benefits heat up in employer market
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/16/17

Meth making a comeback, but it's not your neighbors cooking it anymore
Stateline/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/17/17

Thousands of Missourians are about to be cut from prescription drug program
The Kansas City Star, 7/16/17

Technology plays increasing role in health care St. Joseph News-Press, 7/17/17

Letter to the Editor: GOP bill to defund Medicaid is not meant to help states
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/14/17 


Cloud of confusion hangs over health-care bill The Washington Post, 7/20/17 

GOP floats proposal to ease Medicaid cuts 
The Wall Street Journal, 7/20/17 

Trump’s war of attrition against Obamacare 
POLITICO, 7/21/17 

Revised GOP healthcare bill would still leave millions without insurance, new report concludes 
Los Angeles Times, 7/20/17 

These Americans hated the health law. Until the idea of repeal sank in. 
The New York Times, 7/20/17 

Trump plan might cut expenses for some insured patients with chronic needs
Kaiser Health News, 7/21/17 

Trump demands that senators find a way to replace Obamacare The New York Times,  

Senate Republicans still at impasse after late-night health care meeting 
POLITICO, 7/19/17  
Freedom Caucus to try to force vote on Obamacare repeal 
POLITICO, 7/19/17 

CBO: Senate Republican Obamacare repeal plan would increase uninsured by 32 million in 2026 
USA TODAY, 7/19/17 

Cruz plan gets thumbs up from HHS but thumbs down from most everyone else
Kaiser Health News, 7/19/17 

White House working with moderates on new Medicaid proposal
The Hill, 7/19/17 

Hospitals fight to keep Medicare drug subsidies
The Wall Street Journal, 7/19/17 

Congress squares off over drug pricing and a controversial drug discount program
Kaiser Health News, 7/18/17 

Commentary: In health care, Republicans could learn from Rwanda The New York Times, 7/18/17  

Latinos left out of clinical trials … and possible cures Kaiser Health News/USA TODAY, 7/19/17 

How the Senate health care bill failed: G.O.P. divisions and a fed-up president The New York Times, 7/18/17 

‘Let Obamacare fail,’ Trump says as G.O.P. health bill collapses The New York Times,  

Senate Democrats open to bipartisan health talks — after repeal fails POLITICO, 7/18/17 

Medicaid shows its political clout POLITICO, 7/19/17 

With collapse of GOP health care effort, Congress faces a long ‘to-do’ list for health policy
STAT, 7/18/17 

With health-bill collapse, Republicans face uncertain electoral future in 2018
The Washington Post, 7/18/17

Health care overhaul collapses as two Republican Senators defect The New York Times, 7/17/17 

Why is Mitch McConnell still calling for a health-care vote? The Washington Post, 7/18/17 

Trump blindsided by implosion of GOP health care bill 
POLITICO, 7/18/17 

Old truth trips up G.O.P. on health law: A benefit is hard to retract 
The New York Times, 7/17/17 

McCain’s surgery will delay Senate votes on health care bill The New York Times, 7/15/17 

Governors give chilly reception to health bill push The New York Times, 7/15/17 

‘Bare bones’ insurance policies really only work for people who are healthy
The Washington Post, 7/15/17

Trump's no 'dying in the streets' pledge faces reality check AP/ABC News, 7/15/17 

Analysis: Senate’s latest health blueprint cuts costs at the expense of chronically ill
Kaiser Health News, 7/17/17 


Another CBO estimate on latest Senate health care reform bill — BCRA of 2017
MHA Today, 7/20/17

More from CBO on the Senate health care reform bill; BCRA of 2017 
MHA Today, 7/20/17 

U.S. News postpones release of hospital rankings due to data errors
STAT, 7/17/17 

How hospitals got richer off Obamacare POLITICO, 7/17/17 


Opioid treatment funds in Senate bill would fall far short of needs NPR, 7/20/17  

Obamacare payments to continue The Hill, 7/19/17 

Half of Americans have diabetes or a high risk for it — and many of them are unaware
Los Angeles Times, 7/18/17

Health insurers’ next Obamacare scare is just two days away Bloomberg, 7/18/17 

How much are Republicans willing to pay to move Medicaid enrollees into private insurance? Modern Healthcare, 7/17/17 

5 ways GOP reforms could change your health plan options Kaiser Health News, 7/18/17 

CMS issues changes to the PFS and other part B services; Medicare shared savings program requirements; and the Medicare diabetes prevention program for CY 2018 MHA Today, 7/17/17  

CMS releases proposed updates to the CY 2018 hospital OPPS and ASC program
MHA Today, 7/17/17  

Millions more uninsured could impact health of those with insurance, too Kaiser Health News, 7/14/17 


Women CEOs, nurses get short end of salaries Modern Healthcare, 7/19/17

Doctor shortage in rural Arizona sparks another crisis in 'forgotten America' NPR, 7/14/17 


Certain antibiotics may increase risk of birth defects The New York Times, 7/20/17 
Depression among heart attack survivors can be deadly, yet is often ignored Kaiser Health News, 7/20/17 

U.S. researchers are trying a series of life hacks to try to ward of dementia
Los Angeles Times, 7/19/17 

Interrupted sleep may lead to Alzheimer’s, new studies show The Washington Post, 7/18/17 

A growing number of people make mistakes when they take their medication The Washington Post, 7/16/17


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