Health Headlines for Week of February 12, 2018

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Editorial: More resources needed in fight against drug abuse St. Louis Business Journal, 2/15/18 

Anthem's controversial emergency room policy is target of Missouri lawmakers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/16/18

Federal judge's ruling could block lower DSH payments to hospitals, 2/15/18 

Missouri lawmakers look at resolution to make youth violence a health epidemic, 2/16/18 

Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers put a priority on maternal health care 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/15/18

Rise in uncompensated care doesn't stop Missouri hospitals from hiring, building
Kansas City Business Journal, 2/14/18 

Judge rules for Missouri Hospital Association in suit over hospital payments
St. Louis Business Journal, 2/14/18 

Half-cent tax proposed to help Iron Co. Hospital, 2/14/18 

Rural hospital sells its facility in hopes of becoming more efficient, 2/14/18 

Medical center set to close clinic in Holden, eliminate positions at hospital, 2/14/18 

Kansas City's zip codes see widening gap in life expectancy, 2/14/18

$6-billion in federal funding to help fight growing opioid crisis, 2/14/18 

Narcan training saves man's life 3 different times, 2/14/18  

Missouri hospitals win a round in legal battle over CMS' DSH clawback Modern Healthcare, 2/13/18

Cooper County hospital sold to Kansas City company Columbia Daily Tribune, 2/13/18

Proposed bill would create database for sexual assault kits, 2/13/18

McCaskill urges bill for opioid makers' disclosures St. Joseph News-Press, 2/13/18

Missouri House advances needle-exchange bill AP/Southeast Missourian, 2/14/18

She struggled against cancer, and to get insurance — now she's pushing for Kansas Medicaid expansion, 2/13/18 

Editorial: ‘The bridge to Kansas’: Why hasn’t Missouri learned from Brownback’s tax cut mistakes? The Kansas City Star, 2/12/18 

Report: Patient advocacy groups pushed opioids after getting industry money

McClatchy Newspapers/The Kansas City Star, 2/12/18 

Bill aims to keep opioids out of the wrong hands St. Joseph News-Press, 2/12/18

MU medical program, other higher ed initiatives could lose all state funding Columbia Missourian, 2/12/18

Commentary: Aside from dying too soon, St. Louis is relatively healthy St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/12/18 

Letter to the Editor: Need coordinated effort to improve maternal mortality rates
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/12/18

Editorial: Reasons for caring for your heart St. Joseph News-Press, 2/9/18

Limited postpartum coverage can be fatal to mothers Columbia Missourian, 2/12/18

Patients getting stuck with big bills after ER visits Consumer Reports, 2/9/18

Missouri Sen. McCaskill visits Kansas City to talk rising ER costs with health care providers,, 2/9/18

If you thought flu season was over, you’re wrong. It’s as bad as the 2009 swine flu
AP/The Kansas City Star, 2/9/18

His doctor said it was cancer. It was not. But the lab mix-up news came too late.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/11/18

Randall Williams' challenge: Improve Missouri health Jefferson City News Tribune, 2/11/18

Commentary: Ageism is real, and older Missourians pay the price The Kansas City Star, 2/10/18 


Trump’s historic Medicaid shift goes beyond work requirements Stateline, 2/16/18 

HHS chief: No decision yet on lifetime limits for Medicaid 
The Hill, 2/15/18 

FDA head vows to tackle high drug prices and drugmakers ‘gaming the system’
Kaiser Health News, 2/15/18 

Advocates warn against linking mass shootings, mental illness after Trump tweet
POLITICO, 2/15/18 

Budget undercuts Trump focus on mental health, school safety AP/The New York Times, 2/15/18 

Trump health chief supports CDC research on gun violence The Hill, 2/15/18 

HHS head says he will uphold ObamaCare as law The Hill, 2/14/18 

‘We would literally not survive’: How Trump’s plans for the social safety net would affect America’s poorest 
The Washington Post, 2/14/18 

How one conservative state is flouting Obamacare 
POLITICO, 2/14/18  

Businesses challenge IRS bid to start enforcing insurance mandate The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/18 

White House proposes $4.4 trillion budget that adds $7 trillion to deficits The New York Times, 2/12/18 

Trump wants to overhaul America’s safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care 
The Washington Post, 2/12/18 

Trump officials face decision on lifetime limits for Medicaid The Hill, 2/13/18 

Trump releases budget proposal for health department The Hill, 2/12/18 

Trump budget proposes big changes to anti-drug office The Hill, 2/12/18  

In big reversal, new Trump budget will give up on longtime Republican goal of eliminating deficit The Washington Post, 2/11/18

Beacon of light: Healthcare additions in budget law pleasantly surprise providers
Modern Healthcare, 2/9/18

Kentucky rushes to remake Medicaid as other states prepare to follow F.D.A. chief goes against the administration stereotype The New York Times, 2/11/18

Trump to nominate Jim Carroll as next drug czar AP/STAT, 2/10/18 


President releases FY 2019 budget MHA Today, 2/13/18 

Senate’s appropriation budget agreement MHA Today, 2/9/18 


Aetna inquiry widens over ex-medical director's comments, 2/16/18 

Pain hits after surgery when a doctor’s daughter is stunned by $17,850 urine test
Kaiser Health News, 2/16/18 

Gov't says health costs to keep growing faster than economy AP/ABCNews, 2/14/18 

U.S. spending on drugs will grow faster than on other health-care services over the next decade 
The Washington Post, 2/14/18  

A surprise no one wants: Big medical bill even with coverage AP/ABCNews, 2/14/18  

Employers who don’t offer paid sick leave are making flu season worse and hurting their own bottom line The Washington Post, 2/13/18

Apple CEO: We can make a 'significant contribution' in health care, 2/13/18 

Amazon’s latest ambition: To be a major hospital supplier The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/18

A long era of low health care inflation may be coming to end Bloomberg, 2/12/18  

How will Amazon revolutionize health care? Follow its footprints in Seattle STAT, 2/12/18


Repealing individual mandate penalty will cause spike in uninsured: CMS
Modern Healthcare, 2/14/18 

Work-for-Medicaid lifts off in Indiana, but even fans fret about red tape
Kaiser Health News/PBS News Hour, 2/14/18  

Doctors learn how to talk to patients about dying Kaiser Health News/USA TODAY, 2/12/18 


Three-quarters of people who got flu shot this year weren’t protected against most common strain STAT, 2/15/18 

As they fight flu, hospitals cope with shortage of IV fluids The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/14/18 

Editorial: The next pandemic will come sooner or later. The CDC needs money to prepare.
The Washington Post, 2/11/18

This flu season has now reached pandemic levels (but it's not technically a pandemic)
The Washington Post, 2/9/18 

To cut drug deaths, city considers sanctioned places to shoot up The New York Times, 2/9/18 


The uniquely American problem of high prescription drug costs NPR/Kaiser Health News, 2/12/18 

Lower drug prices: New proposals carry lots of promises The New York Times, 2/9/18


Cost of U.S. opioid epidemic since 2001 is $1 trillion and climbing NPR, 2/13/18 

Smartphone detox: How to power down in a wired world NPR, 2/12/18 


Is chocolate a healthy choice for Valentine’s Day? That depends on which kind The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/18 

Can a patient gown makeover move hospitals to embrace change? NPR, 2/11/18

The most dreaded opponent at the Olympics: The common cold The New York Times, 2/11/18 


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