Past Poll Results
As the sun sets on all the solar hoopla, we ask a final eclipse question: Of the songs below, which is your favorite eclipse-related song?
Moondance - Van Morrison (101)
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden (115)
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers (152)
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles (182)
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler (291)
Total Number of Responses: 841
Are you in the path of totality?
Yes, my workplace falls in the path of totality.  (525)
Yes, I'm at home today and my home is in the path of totality.  (168)
Yes, I've traveled to the path of totality. (60)
No, I'm not in it. (139)
What's the path of totality. (95)
Total Number of Responses: 987
Do you have eclipse glasses yet?
Yes, I'm ready to watch the eclipse Monday. (1022)
Not yet, but I plan to shop for some in the next few days. (173)
Not yet, I've shopped for them, but everyplace I try is sold out. (233)
No, I don't plan to watch the eclipse. (540)
Total Number of Responses: 1968
Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, I'm allergic to certain animals. (86)
Yes, I have plant allergies (hay fever). (361)
Yes, I've got a food allergy. (90)
Yes, I've got a drug allergy. (313)
I've got several allergies. (633)
I don't have allergies. (711)
Total Number of Responses: 2194
Do you have a nickname that's not a variation or shortening of your given name?
Yes, no one calls me by my given name (280)
Yes, but only a few people use it (1047)
I used to have one, but no one uses it anymore (433)
No, I've never had a nickname (795)
Total Number of Responses: 2555
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