Past Poll Results
Spring appears to be finally coming around. Are you affected by spring allergies?
Yes. I'm sneezing, my nose runs and my head aches. (93)
Somewhat, but I'm dealing with it. (98)
No. I'm not affected by spring allergies. (78)
Total Number of Responses: 269
The British royal family just had their third baby. In what order were you born?
Oldest (448)
In the middle (323)
Youngest (385)
Only child (81)
Total Number of Responses: 1237
Do recent airline incidents make you more apprehensive about flying?
No. It's still the safest way to travel. (708)
A little bit. It'll make me think twice about flying. (325)
Yes. I'm already afraid of flying. (215)
Total Number of Responses: 1248
Rich Liekweg and Trish Lollo are tracking their steps today as part of the CEOS Against Cancer challenge. Do you walk for exercise?
I get plenty of steps in as part of my job every day (423)
Yes, I walk every day. (287)
I walk a couple of times a week. (150)
I walk whenever I can fit it in. (256)
No, but I want to start. (188)
Total Number of Responses: 1304
What media do you use to watch movies at home?
Streaming online. (103)
DVD. (45)
VHS. (4)
Cable. (69)
Total Number of Responses: 221
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