Past Poll Results
Holiday shopping is in full swing. How much will you spend this year?
$0-$100 (132)
$101-$250 (189)
$251-$500 (375)
$500+ (Yikes!) (536)
Total Number of Responses: 1232
How do you decorate for the holiday season?
My house looks like the Griswald's. I hope I get a thank you card from the electric company. (177)
I put up some decorations, but I don't go overboard. (1195)
I enjoy other people's decorations. (260)
Bah humbug! (141)
Total Number of Responses: 1773
Do you plan to talk about Advance Care Planning over the holidays with your loved ones?
Yes. (70)
No, but I’m sure my loved ones already know my wishes. (262)
No, I don’t feel comfortable discussing these kinds of issues. (29)
No, I don’t want to dampen my family’s holiday gatherings. (336)
I know it’s important, so I’m thinking about it. (148)
Total Number of Responses: 845
November is Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Do you have an Advance Directive or Living Will?
Yes. (225)
No, but my loved ones already know my wishes. (259)
No, I don’t understand the choices offered in the document. (23)
No, I don’t know how to obtain this form. (81)
No, I haven’t made it a priority. (336)
Total Number of Responses: 924
What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Mashed potatoes and gravy (548)
Stuffing/dressing (863)
Green bean casserole (257)
Sweet potatoes (353)
Cranberry sauce (99)
Other (188)
Total Number of Responses: 2308
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