Past Poll Results
The Cardinals and other teams have reported for spring training. Have you ever been to spring training?
Yes, I’ve been a few times. (30)
Yes, but it hasn’t been to see the Cards. (13)
Yes, I’ve been once. (56)
No, but it’s on my bucket list. (305)
No, and I really don’t want to. (509)
Total Number of Responses: 913
Have you ever been a victim of a phishing or other internet scam?
I've had my identity stolen. (104)
I've had false purchases on my credit card. (589)
I've been "catfished" (fooled by a fake online identity). (50)
I've received phishing emails. (401)
I've been a victim of another scam. (105)
Total Number of Responses: 1249
It's trivia season. How good are you at trivia?
I'm really good. I'd be a great "Jeopardy" contestant. (115)
I'm pretty good, but it depends on the category. (625)
I'm fair. Every now and then I'll chime in with an answer. (669)
I don't know squat. I'm there for the fun and snacks. (353)
Total Number of Responses: 1762
BJC and Ameren Missouri have teamed up on a solar energy generation facility. Do you use solar energy?
Yes. My home/apartment is powered by solar energy. (10)
I have some some items that are powered by solar energy. (74)
No. I rely on the electric company for power. (820)
Total Number of Responses: 904
What was your favorite part of the "Big Game?"
The football game (64)
The commercials (291)
The halftime show (121)
The party I was at (441)
Total Number of Responses: 917
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