Past Poll Results
August 16 is National Roller Coaster Day. Do you like them?
I love them! The faster/wilder the better! (695)
I'll go if my kids make me. (134)
Kiddie coasters for me. (150)
I get sick if I just look at them. (304)
Total Number of Responses: 1283
It's back to school time. What is/was your favorite subject?
English (417)
Math (453)
History/Geography (513)
Physical Education (186)
Other (188)
Science/Chemistry/Physics (656)
Total Number of Responses: 2413
Bellerive is hosting a PGA championship golf tournament. How's your golf game?
Very good. I play often. (33)
Average. I'm happy with my scores. (38)
Fair. I play for enjoyment, even if I bogie every hole. (295)
Bad-o. I couldn't hit the ball straight to save my life. (966)
Total Number of Responses: 1332
Where do you usually eat dinner?
At the dinner table (659)
On the couch so I can watch TV (587)
At a restaurant (56)
Other (105)
Total Number of Responses: 1407
Do you use your cell phone at the table during meals?
Often (291)
Sometimes (536)
Rarely (621)
Never (426)
Total Number of Responses: 1874
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