Past Poll Results
Today is International Yoga Day. Do you practice yoga?
Yes, I practice regularly. (87)
No, but I'd like to try it. (390)
No, I'm not interested. (356)
Total Number of Responses: 833
What's your favorite movie genre?
Action (265)
Animation (51)
Comedy (441)
Drama (175)
Horror (125)
Romantic (145)
Total Number of Responses: 1202
An infographic currently under “For Your Benefits” asks: “Will you outlive your retirement savings?”
No. I’m on track to meet my retirement goals. (269)
Yes. I really need to save more! (501)
Not sure. I need to find out. (394)
Total Number of Responses: 1164
What are you getting Dad for Father's Day?
Clothes/jewelry (94)
A lazy day off (92)
Sporting event (ball game, golf, etc.) (44)
Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) (277)
Other (535)
Total Number of Responses: 1042
The World Cup soccer tournament starts today. Are you a soccer fan?
Yes! Game on! (119)
I'll watch a few games. (131)
I don't follow soccer. (617)
Total Number of Responses: 867
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