Past Poll Results
BJC often uses employees in its commercials and recruitment videos (see the one in the banner). Would you be willing to star in a BJC commercial or video?
I'm ready for my close-up! (377)
I'm a little shy, but for BJC, I'd consider it. (213)
Maybe, if my job depended on it. (119)
No how. No way. (278)
Total Number of Responses: 987
When you cook or bake, where do you get most of your recipes from?
Cookbooks  (294)
Relatives or friends (377)
TV shows (42)
The internet (1023)
I make them up myself (221)
I don't cook or bake (136)
Total Number of Responses: 2093
What's your favorite type of frozen treat?
Popsicle (53)
Snow cone/Shaved ice (279)
Ice cream (817)
Novelty treats like Fudgesicles, Dreamsicles, ice cream sandwiches/Eskimo bars (327)
Frozen custard (548)
Other (43)
Total Number of Responses: 2067
Two new studies link consuming three or more cups of coffee per day to reduction in chronic diseases - and perhaps even a longer life. How much coffee do you consume?
I drink coffee all day, every day. (167)
I'll have two or three cups over the course of a day. (449)
I average one cup or maybe two cups a day. (453)
I need one cup to get going in the morning, but that's it. (232)
I only drink coffee on special occasions. (275)
Coffee? No way! (471)
Total Number of Responses: 2047
A new poll shows that Americans leave a median tip for their servers of 18 percent when eating out at a restaurant, although some people never tip. Assuming you've gotten competent service, how much do you typically tip?
About 20 percent  (1330)
Between 16-19 percent  (335)
Usually 15 percent (343)
Under 15 percent (92)
I don't tip (24)
Total Number of Responses: 2124
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