Joining the BJC family – 12/21/2015

BJC | It’s important that we make the extra effort to ensure our new team members feel part of the team.

What keeps me up at night – 12/7/2015

BJC | I’ve had the privilege of attending several meetings and forums at our hospitals and service organizations lately, and one question I’ve been asked a few times is “Rich, what keeps you up at night?”

Why I choose BJC – 11/23/2015

BJC | “Why do you choose to work at BJC?” is a question many of our team members are answering right now, as you may have seen in the recent communications and videos featuring employees across the organization.

Our Epic adventure – 11/9/2015

BJC I’d like to tell you a story about a patient named Mary.

Serving our communities – 10/26/2015

BJC | For the past two months our annual BJC United Way/Jewish Federation campaign has been in full swing across all of our hospitals, service organizations and shared services departments.

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